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Lake Murray Kiwanis Club

Open Letter to Parents of New 

or Prospective Scouts:

 We thank you for your interest in our Troop. The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) program has been a positive influence on the youth of our country and of other communities world-wide. We are committed to upholding the BSA standards to bring this unique developmental experience to the youth of our community. Our goal is do this in a safe, family-oriented environment, and to have lots of fun while doing it.

This letter provides you with basic information on Scouting and this Troop. Our adult leaders are available to answer any questions you may have about our program, activities that the Troop is planning, items of equipment your Scout may need, or ways in which you may help out with the overall program.

MEETING PLACE: We meet at Pershing Middle School during the school year. When Summer comes we meet at the San Carlos Recreation Center,  Our Charter Organization is the Lake Murray Kiwanis Club.

MEETING TIME: From 7:00-8:00 pm every Tuesday.  Normally, the Tuesday after a campout is a Patrol Leaders Council meeting which will be attended by all the Scouts. New Scouts work specifically on advancement during this meeting with the help of older Scouts.  All meetings and activities are indicated on our Annual Calendar.

PROGRAM: Troop 950 runs an outdoor–oriented program for boys ages 11 through 17 with an emphasis on hiking and camping activities. We schedule an outdoor activity every month and time is provided during the weekly meetings to help Patrols plan and prepare for the outing. It is during these activities that boys learn scouting knowledge and outdoor–life skills needed for rank advancement. The Troop's Scouts develop an annual Planning Calendar each summer and the adult staff helps execute it. Each parent should have a copy of this calendar and should encourage their Scout to be ready for upcoming program items. This calendar is useful for planning family activities so they do not conflict with camping opportunities for your son. The Troop participates in the annual San Diego Imperial Council B.S.A. programs Camporee and Scout Fair. The Troop encourages all of the Scouts to participate in the B.S.A. Summer Camp program. Over the last few years this Troop has attended Boy Scout camps for a week in mid-July. This experience is very important for the Scout's development. We also try to send a group to Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, New Mexico every three or four years. The Troop also encourages the older Scouts to participate in the Venture Crew.

FEES/DUES:  Troop 950 annual dues are $80.00. Dues are collected prior to re-chartering (the yearly registering of the Troop with B.S.A.) on November 1st. Dues proceeds are used to cover Troop expenses including national registration, Boys Life magazines, Troop neckerchief and slide, insurance,  badges, supplies, and troop camping equipment. The Troop has one fund raiser each year--  B.S.A. Pop Corn sale in the fall.. The boys' other personal costs are for uniforms, personal camping equipment, food for monthly outings, transportation, and summer camp costs. There are no weekly dues.

UNIFORM and HANDBOOK: It is necessary to buy a Boy Scout Uniform and
a Handbook for your son. You need to purchase a shirt (loose fit and short sleeves are recommended), a San Diego Imperial Council shoulder patch, long pants, Scout socks and a khaki web belt. The Troop provides the neckerchief and slide a. Troop numbers can be purchased from the Treasurer for $5.00. Any sturdy shoe is appropriate.  The Scout Service Center at 1207 Upas Street has a very complete selection of uniforms, equipment and resource materials. The Troop also has a collection of previously owned uniforms, please check with the Scoutmaster about these. The Scout Handbook has a wealth of information in it and is required for Scout advancement. Also, there is some required reading in it for parents.

DRESS CODE:  Consistent use of the Scout uniform is essential for the success of any Boy Scout Troop. The uniform helps build a sense of belonging to the Troop; it displays rank, training, and experience patches that indicate achievement and are a source of pride and satisfaction for the boys; and it is a reminder to the boys of the leadership structure needed for Troop discipline. Troop t-shirt and green shorts are adequate for campouts and Troop Scout-shirts and green pants (Class B uniform) are appropriate for Troop meetings and most other activities. When needed, parents and Scouts are informed when the full uniform (Class A) is required for an activity and Court of Honor. Parents can assist us by making sure that their Scouts are appropriately uniformed for all Troop activities.

EQUIPMENT: The Troop has a full stock of equipment for use by the Patrols for campouts (stoves, patrol cooking gear, lanterns, etc.). To complement this each Scout must provide his own personal equipment. A separate sheet outlines equipment needs for each Scout. Scouts also provide their own sleeping bag and a tent or share with a buddy.

ORGANIZATION: A Boy Scout Troop is organized differently than most other youth activities, including the Cub Scouts. Within the general guidance provided by the adult leaders, the Scouts in the Troop select activities they want to participate in, prepare the Annual Calendar, organize and conduct Troop Meetings, teach and test other Scouts the basic scout skills, approve advancement in rank, and elect the leaders of their Patrol and the Senior Patrol Leader for the Troop. The adults assure the program is safe and proper, and then provide the means for it to be carried out.

ADULT STAFF: The Charter organization selects the Committee Chairperson and selects and approves the Scoutmaster, and his assistants at the recommendation of the committee. Most adults involved with the Troop are associated with the Troop.  Committee manages operating funds and equipment, and approves the proposed program. There are many jobs for adults interested in helping. By everybody doing a little it assures that none of the tasks will be too big or time consuming. The committee meets on quarterly basis after the Patrol Leaders Council. All parents and committee members are welcome on scouting activities and especially to help with transportation. There are many things to do so please see the Scoutmaster if you can help in any way. To participate in the activities all adults must be registered with the troop and have completed YPT available on line at All committee members must be registered Scouters and YPT trained and completed position leadership training.

All members (adults and scouts) attending outings must turn in a signed Permission Slip and Emergency Medical Release. During outings, we assume that Scouts have permission to participate in all scheduled activities. Please let us know if there are any restrictions (for medical reasons, etc.) we need to be aware of for your Scout. To assure that you have read these handouts and the schedule, it is mandatory tfor each parent to sign a permission slip for each outing and fill out an new Class A & B health certificate during Troop registration (November 1st.) We also ask that you give us some medical information on your son in case we need to treat him during on one of our outings. The Troop does carry a supplemental Health Insurance Policy on each Scout and prospective Scout. Talk to a Troop leader if you want more information on this insurance.

PARTICIPATION: The BSA program is based on participatory experiences that teach leadership and Scouting skills needed for rank advancement. Therefore, the casual attendee will get very little from a Scout meeting or activity. It is important that parents support the Scout in his regular attendance to meetings and monthly outings. Scout Patrols, in order to function fully, must have all its members at meetings. It is at the weekly meetings that Scouts learn about, and plan for, upcoming events. If they are not in attendance their interests go unexpressed and they will not be engaged in the activities. But most important, it is the team's planning and decision-making process they miss when not in attendance. Their participation in the planning process helps build leadership and promotes their involvement in the Troop. When the process goes on in their absence, they cannot participate and they begin to lose contact with their patrol. Parents need to assist us by supporting and emphasizing participation with their scouts. 

JUNIOR LEADERS: A strong Troop program depends on the leadership provided by the Junior Leaders; it is not conducted by a group of adults. If the Boy Leaders are ineffective then the adults help them by providing guidance and direction, but not by assuming their duties. It is imperative that Scouts who want the leadership positions and accept them be regular in their attendance and the execution of their duties. The Troop program relies on them and their Patrols rely on them. Parents need to understand that this is an important responsibility. It is not time consuming, and should not interfere with other activities, but needs to be discharged in a responsible manner and on a regular basis. This is an important aspect of the educational value of Scouting. All Scouts holding a leadership position are required to sign a leadership agreement and must have their parents sign the agreement attesting to their support of the Scout holding this position. 

ADULT LEADERS: The Troop follows the direct contact leadership and  is always in need of additional adults willing to assist the Scoutmaster. The requirements are fairly simple - follow YPT rules, a willingness to work with the Scouts, attend Troop meetings regularly, go on Troop outings, wear your uniform, and complete the appropriate training. The real requirement is a willingness to revert to your youth and enjoy those things that the boys enjoy.  If you have any interest, or just want to go camping a few times, contact one of the Scoutmasters.

Mary Eglin
Troop Committee Chairperson
Updated 12/8/18
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