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January 1, 2012

RULES AND REGULATIONS:  The adult staff, the boys, and their families (the membership) of  Troop 950 (the Unit) shall develop applications of Internet and Web technology for display (the Site) in observance of the rules and regulations of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), as required by our Charter.  The Rules and Regulations of the BSA, No. 57-492, and the Charter and Bylaws of the BSA, No. 57-491, are the primary source of such policies and procedures.

PURPOSE AND SCOPE:  This document was adopted by the Troop's Committee to provide specific guidance for Unit members involved in the Unitís Site publishing efforts.  Although BSA's National Council does not officially endorse or recognize Sites published by its Units, the Council has issued recommendations that provided the foundation for this document.  The policies prescribed here are intended to represent the collective desire of Troop 950's membership, and therefore, recommendations for its improvement are encouraged and welcome.


OWNERSHIP OF CONTENT:  Material published on the Site (Content) shall be owned by the Unit rather than any individual, and that will be shown by a copyright statement on the Site's content.  The copyright statement shall read "© YEAR Troop 950, San Diego Imperial Council, Boy Scouts of America" at the bottom of each of the Siteís pages.

SITE ACCESS:  The Site will be open to the general public, that is, passwords will not be required by Web visitors to access its content.  Open access dictates the need for robust security and privacy policies as outlined below that must be strictly adhered to by the Unitís publishing team.  As the Site evolves, password protection may be applied to pages intended for viewing by the Unitís staff or members only.

SITE HOSTING:  The Site may be hosted by an Internet Service Provider that offers its services in exchange for commercial advertisement bannersóas long as such provider offers reasonable guarantees that such advertisements are intended for a general audience and are appropriate to the Scouting movement.

CONTROL OF SERVER ACCESS:  The person in charge of publishing the site (the Webmaster) shall control the content of the Site by maintaining sole access (FTP, telnet, etc.) to the files on the Site server as well as to any interface that provides the ability to add or edit content on the Site and its ancillary services.


INFORMATION CONCERNING UNIT EVENTS:  General information such as location, time, and dates of the Unit's upcoming events may be posted on public pages of the Site.

COLLECTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION:  Personal information from the general public or membership shall not be collected via the Site.

USE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION:  Where contacts are needed, Site visitors may be provided with contact information needed to communicate with the Unitís staff.  These contacts shall be limited to telephone numbers or email addresses approved by the Unitís Scoutmaster.  Personal addresses shall not be posted.

Contact information should only be published where there is a valid need for members and/or the public to speak directly with a given individual on the staff because of that person's role in the organization.  For such cases, the Unitís policy applies as follows:

  • Contact information for adult volunteers (i.e., Unit staff or parents) may be published only after obtaining the individualís written and dated authorization, with the individualís knowledge that they can request the prompt removal of their information from the Site at any time by notifying the Webmaster--using any of the email links on the site.

  • Contact information for youth members and their parents shall not be posted on the Site.

USE OF PHOTOGRAPHS:  Only photographs showing the Unit's membership participating in Troop activities shall be posted on the site.  Unless informed otherwise, the Troop assumes that its membership agrees to the posting of pictures displaying their likeness without prior written consent (i.e. a "Permission to Publish" document).  Please let the Scoutmaster or Webmaster know if you have objections to this policy.  If anyone finds their likeness displayed on the Site and would like to have the picture removed please notify the Webmasteróusing any of the email links on the siteóand the referenced picture shall be promptly removed.  This policy approach is intended to simplify the logistics of posting pictures on the Site while respecting the desires and right to privacy of individuals.

When posting photographs of members, especially youth, it is important to consider their safety and privacy when writing captions or ancillary text.  Therefore, when publishing photos the following guidelines shall apply:

  • Pictures should illustrate group activities and not be individual portraits.

  • Picture captions may identify the place and activity but shall not identify the subjects by name.


MEMBERSHIP-SUBMITTED CONTENT:  Text and photographs may be submitted for publication by the Unitís membership.  All content are subject to review by the Committee Chair before posting.  Content should be submitted to the Webmaster, who is responsible for final editing and layout of pages on the Site.

It is important to know the original source of all Site content and to be sure the Unit has written permission to use it.  Only original content, content known to be in the public domain, or content specifically released for BSA purposes shall be posted.

CONTENT TO AVOID:  The following shall not be posted on the Unitís Site:

  • Promotions or advertisements for commercial products and services

  • Links to non-Scouting related sites.

       Copyright © 2005 Troop 950 - San Diego Imperial Council,  Boy Scouts of America